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Boxing Bag Stand

Buy Online Boxing Stand in Melbourne

As an increasingly popular sport, boxing has gained the attention of sports fans all over the world. Compared with traditional sports, boxing not only enables people to keep fit, but also allows them to practise how to defend themselves. So, if you are looking for a freestanding punching bag, we highly recommend you to take a look here.

This freestanding boxing stand is specially made for customers whose house is not suitable for hanging boxing bags or those who pay a lot of attention to portability.

Our Freestanding Boxing Stand Is Of Premium Quality

All our material is tested and all the manufacturing process are done strictly according to national quality standards. PU leather has been chosen for the outside cover, which enables the stand to be extremely durable and easy to clean. For the inside, highly resilient foam and environmentally friendly cloth have been employed. As a result, our boxing bags absorbs strikes and is high resilient.

Our Freestanding Boxing Bags Is Well Designed

The freestanding stand is made up of two parts. In order to assemble it, all you have to do is fill the plastic base with water or sand, which provides amazing stability for the punching bag on the top.

Furthermore, if you want to transport the boxing stand to another place, you only need to remove the water or sand, and then the stand will be very easy to carry.

Price And Warranty

The freestanding stand comes with one-year warranty, which ensures you a worry-free use journey.

Despite the amazing quality and design of our stand, we still decided to offer them at the best price possible as we want our customers to enjoy our products without having to worry about the cost.

Fast And Easy Delivery

As our warehouse is located in Mordialloc, South-east of Melbourne, we have taken full advantage of the advanced delivery services here, threfore we are able to deliver your product in just a few days.